What’s The Answer?

We don’t know all the answers.  Actually we know very few answers in the bigger scheme of things but what we do know and want to know is the answers we need to move our life forward and be successful and healthy and happy in life.

So what is the answer?  More specifically what is/are the answers that I have been seeking out, looking for?

Sometimes the answers are right in front of our eyes but we can’t realize it.

For the last four years, I have been searching for the answer that is going to get me to a place feeling like I want to feel all the time.  Feeling happy and healthy and amazing in every moment and living the life I want to live without anything getting in the way.

Navigating through fog, navigating through scatteredness, uncertainty and the simple fact of life stuff and that life goes on, has made it difficult to find this answer.  Made everything feel like it wasn’t the right decision, or I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Everything would feel constant and like I could never find the answers to escape the Lyme Cycle.




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