When Does It Just Go Away

Lyme Disease affects everybody in a different way, that’s what makes it so difficult to treat and in many ways understand.  It is something that takes over your body and seems like it never goes away.

For myself, it has always been constant and not so straight forward.  Not straight forward like pain or fatigue, though fatigue plays a role in pretty much everybody with Lyme for the most part including myself, it is much better then it used to be.  It affects me in a way where it never goes away.  Nothing I can do just makes it go away all of sudden and it just has stayed with me.

I see other people with Lyme who can do this or that and suddenly get relief of some sort.  I can always see gains in some way, but not total relief.  I am always affected by it every moment of everyday.

I am affected by this strange blood stuff and weird fog affecting my being all the time…I have just learned to ignore it and deal with it but it always there.

I am treating harder then ever and it is more in my face then ever, so I then ask, when does it go away…

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