You Just Will Know

I forget sometimes what feeling good feels like.  I forget sometimes how affected I still can be.  I forget sometimes because I am always working on pushing through thinking the way I feel is still “normal” when it really is.

I had this moment last night and when I was sleeping that kind of brought everything together.  This happens every once in awhile and it is what has helped me keep my baseline and keep going and bring things back to perspective.  On the flip side of that though is it is also what has made things sometimes challenging because it makes me think I am progressing or getting better or just have to keep going with what I am doing but then a year or two years would go by and the realization of that working is non-existent.

I guess even more so to add to it, is when your whole perception of who you are and your life is affected at every moment and you have pockets where it comes back or comes together, it makes you think that things are better, and makes you wonder what is your true perspective.

I guess really the reality is, I will just know.

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