Just Do It

You just have to do it.  You just have to make it happen, take a chance and do whatever it takes to do what you need to do.  Whether that is beating a disease, or accomplishing your goals.  You just need to do it.

In the health communities on Facebook, I see more talk then action.  I understand when you are affected, it affects your actions and decision making, I experienced that and still do to an extent.  But you aren’t going to get  better unless you take action.

I am saying the above for myself as well again because to be honest, I feel in the back of my mind I have known for awhile what I have needed to do to get better.  What I have needed to do to be 100% symptom free but fear and fog and indecisiveness and not trusting myself, allowing other things to get in the way detracted from this.

Besides beating this and feeling great all the time, the thing I have wanted more then anything is knowing what I needed to do to get to that point.  So, now I really feel I do know what I need to do and it is now about just doing it, just implementing it, just making it happen and not waiting or detracting myself, or allowing fear or anything else to get in the way.

You can’t let anything get in the way of what you need to do.  Just Do It!





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