The Feeling…The Symptom

You hear of people with Lyme Disease whose symptoms go away for a day or they don’t have certain symptoms but others for a day or two or they take something and feel better.  For myself, none of these things have bene the case.

For almost four years I have dealt with pretty much the same feelings, symptoms that have never gone away in pretty much every moment of the day.  Maybe I have a moment or two here and there where I was like this is how I should feel but even in those moments, in didn’t seem real or like everything went away.

I explained the symptom before in another post more in-depthly, what the actual symptoms are like.  But basically it is a feeling, a symptom that has never gone away and gone through different manifestations and layers of it.  It is also the reason why I would always say even when days didn’t seem to be as bad, like I wasn’t that tired or had energy, I never felt right.

Once it is gone, it is gone is what I have always said…

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