The Disappearing Act

A little over four years ago I disappeared from Los Angeles almost without a trace.  As time went on, the life I had, the people I knew faded away.  Friends I spoke with all the time, saw all the time, became non existent.  My old life became non existent and I got stuck in a black hole.

So here we are, the over four years later, and it seems what is lining up, in a beautiful way, that as quick as I left Los Angeles and disappeared will be just as quick that I will leave behind Lyme Disease and come back to Los Angeles.

Even in the beginning, I knew some way some how that everything would line up, I just never imagined it would have taken this long.  But it is happening.

I feel I am at the tail end of this experience and in the beginning of June I will be moving back to Los Angeles.  My business/website will launch something big and most of all, I feel my  health will really take shape.  The life I wanted, the life that has happened through all this is coming together.

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