The Deepest Layer Of All

For however much I have gone out, done work, tried to live my life, nothing else has really mattered to me but feeling 100% all the time.  And as time has gone by and layers have been broken, I have been working towards and working towards and working towards that deepest layer of all.

At this point, I mean I have said this before, countless times it seems, that I am finally at the deepest layer in all of this.  I actually truly feel it, and part of it is that I don’t feel so much I am searching and worrying like I was constantly doing.  I feel I am finally in alignment with everything finally coming together.

It has definitely been a difficult journey.  A difficult journey of being dragged around it felt like not ever experiencing anything or feeling like I ever felt right and putting everything on hold and constantly, constantly waiting.

The deepest layer of all is probably the hardest but I know once it breaks, I will be set free.

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