Most of the people around you, always say how much they want the best for you, etc., but when you set boundaries, want things a certain way and that way might affect their relationship to you or their space, that’s when they get upset.

Most people say they are compassionate, good individuals, like everybody, but at the end of the day when it comes down to it, most really aren’t.

I have seen both of those things so much the last four and half years, especially as all I have done is try to take care of myself and focus on myself and ask for compassion.  People will tend to say how cynical I might be or selfish, or not want to take effort, but nobody wants to label themselves as a bad person, or uncompassionate.

Well, as I am coming out of this, this nonsense doesn’t really matter much to me anymore and most of all, all these people will fade away as I thrive.

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