Disoriented In Space

In so many ways, I have flown through the last four and half years.  Flown through in a protection mode mixed with chaos.  A waiting game, waiting to break free and not be at the mercy of the cycle and routines that nobody should be forced to automatically be a part of.  The reason for this, is I was always constantly trying to find my orientation in space and every once in awhile, every once in awhile, I would find it and it would be really jarring.

So, now I am truly at the root of it, the root of who I truly am underneath, the root of breaking free and the root of seeing the constant disorientation in space right in front me and trying to finally break it and not be at the mercy of it and the mercy of an automatic waiting game.

I have somehow always gotten through the day.  Somehow gotten to where I am now and have come very far but it has not been easy and the discernment has been blind through it.  I have stayed positive because I have had to but I have also very much kept to myself and my routines and my box which isn’t how you want to live your life.  I have had to be chill about things and watch things happen but still have to strive to move forward and break free.  I have essentially been living my life disoriented in space for over four and half years and just ready to break free.

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