Building a Human

So here I am, it is 2017 and now I am living in downtown Los Angeles.  I haven’t lived in LA for over four and half years and it is still somewhat surreal to me, partially because of symptoms and partially because everything hasn’t really hit me yet.  Am I happy to be here, absolutely.  Do I feel like I totally want to feel yet?  Not yet, but I do feel it all coming together.

When I started this journey, I always mentioned the idea that I was building a human being or a new me.  Like as if I went to a factory and picked out all the pieces and the manufacturer was evolving it and fine tuning it for years, not really knowing when the masterpiece would be finished.  In every aspect, I have felt like I have been building a human being, a new human version of myself.

Here I am, I am building me and I feel the masterpiece is almost done.

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One Response to Building a Human

  1. Indie Sweetheart says:

    I’m really, truly happy for you. I know you waited a long time for this. I remember when I first met you through blogging, it was the beginning of a long journey for you. It’s nice to see you come in to your own and I’m genuinely happy for you, Jason 😊

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