My name is Jason and I started this blog as part of my healing process from Lyme Disease and/or other health, emotional, spiritual shifting.

I was a healthy, strong filmmaking yogi who had his life shift one day and since then I have been healing and in the process of getting my full balance back and feeling connected to the world again, in a deeper way, in a stronger way, in a way more then I ever had.

I also wrote a book based on my blog on my journey through Lyme Disease.

Check it out on Amazon:


I am also an empowerment coach and if you are interested in changing your life, check out my website:


Also Check out my Youtube Channel:



9 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading your stuff!

  2. Jumping_Jenny_444 says:

    Congratulations! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! In order to graciously accept this lovely blogger award, click on the link below, read my post, and follow the directions in the post. I nominated you because I think you have an amazing blog which I look forward to reading each time you post. Again, congrats and keep up the great blogging!! Jenn

  3. ashdapoet says:

    Hi Jason, this blog is amazing. Keep up the good work. Maybe we can follow each other. I also have a motivational blog on wordpress that I post in monthly. Here’s the link: http://pocketsfullofloveblog.wordpress.com/.

  4. tarathackeray says:

    This is my belated thanks for the follow. Reading other bloggers affected by Lyme has been a cathartic outlet for me. Thanks for sharing your story in each post.

  5. I just read your latest article. About the ‘fog’. Great read. I have pondered over similar thoughts myself. I wrote an article last week you may like called ‘Are you someone who works too hard? A reflection on life’s little decisions.’ Reflecting on the decisions we make, how we work too much compared to other countries in the world, how we need to not be so materialistic and experience happiness on a daily basis. You should have a look. Great blog by the way! I can tell you are an insightful thinker. You have a great writing voice. All the best 🙂


  6. Julianna says:

    Glad we connected, Jason. Things are always shifting, and as long as you’re consciously moving toward healing, that is indeed the direction you are headed.

  7. Terry Perrel says:

    How your posts ended up all over my WP reader, I don’t know. I seldom talk about my late state/chronic Lyme. But there they are — one posts one after another, remind me how my brain used to scream out in frustration. So do this. Investigate Spooky2.com. Download the free open-source program created by people from around the world. Read about it and the Morgellon/Lyme program. Then write me. After that, I am going to put you in touch with someone in L.A. who will be helpful to you. I will be available to you from the East Coast via email. Your life is about to change in an amazing way. P.S. I, too, am a writer. Cheers, Terry

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